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What we do

We research, deliberate, guide, educate and impart modern prospects, challenges, and innovations surrounding health quality, approach, and affordability.

What Makes MKRIC Different?

  • We focus solely on research and education that aims to increase knowledge and understanding of human values;
  • We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation;
  • We are rigorously objective, unbiased, and non-partisan;
  • We are an independent and neutral institute;
  • We approach our research, solutions, and education through a multi-perspective lens;
  • We are a corporation for public interests, and we view healthcare through a global lens;
  • We are an interdisciplinary group of innovative health leaders, physicians, executives, entrepreneurs, authors, academics, and innovators;
  • We operate for the benefit of public, scholars groups – including patients, healthcare providers, environmentalists, and humanists – and we incorporate each unique perspective into our research.
  • There are various important people that drive research at MKRIC. We also regularly appoint and host researchers that dedicate almost all of their time and resources to the improvement or accumulation of research.